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The Accursed Nest: In the Shadows


LevelNameShort DescriptionAllakhazam Link
80Vishimtar the Fallen  ( Allakhazam )

LevelNameShort DescriptionAllakhazam Link
80a corrupted drakelingpop when eggs not killed fast nuff ( Allakhazam )
70a spirit wraithpop when a player dies ( Allakhazam )
1a tainted egguse blunt weapons to kick them ( Allakhazam )
70cloud of concentrated chaoskill these to get 10000 hp/mana ( Allakhazam )
70corrupted drake  ( Allakhazam )
70incorporeal shadowdon't damage these, kite them ( Allakhazam )
70lifedrain shadowspawn if you accidently kill incorporeal shadows ( Allakhazam )
73mournful spiritsay "shoulder my burden" to get cured from DT ( no Allakhazamlink yet )
  Additional Information:

Vishimtars Instance