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Tower Day one the adventure begins
Okay Started the day getting spanked by mindblights oozes. We got mad and came back with a vengence and killed him on the second try. TSM 1, Mindblight 1. Think Mindblight will have to be happy he got one win.

Next we visited the Curators Trophy room. We proceeded through things well until most of the raid got trapped between the last 2 mobs and well when I bannered back I found a pile of corpses outside the door. We rezzed up and went back for more and killed all the Curators pretty trophys and chased him off. TSM 1, Trophy room 1.

We moved in to check out the Curators Stasis Chambers. We rapidly killed off all his pets and then he through Firona Vie and Lanys at us. A bit of confusion ensued and we ended it with TSM 0, Stasis Chamber 1.

We will return to even up that last score and push ahead.
Submitted by: Drakang(17 January 2010)