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Berserker Alternate Abilities (AA's)
1Innate StrengthStrength +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
2Innate StaminaStamina +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
3Innate AgilityAgility +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
4Innate DexterityDexterity +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
5Innate IntelligenceIntelligence +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
6Innate WisdomWisdom +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
7Innate CharismaCharisma +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
8Innate Fire ProtectionResist Fire +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
9Innate Cold ProtectionResist Cold +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
10Innate Magic ProtectionResist Magic +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
11Innate Poison ProtectionResist Poison +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
12Innate Disease ProtectionResist Disease +21/1/1/1/1Passive  
13Innate Run SpeedImproved Movement Speed by 10%,20%,30%.1/1/1Passive  
14Innate MetabolismReduces food and drink consumption by 10%, 25%, and 50%1/1/1Passive  
15Innate Lung CapacityIncreases air by 10%,25%,50%.1/1/1Passive  
16First AidMax HP on Bind wound +10% per rank1Passive  
17New Tanaan Crafting MasteryRaises cap from one tradeskill from 200 to 250 per rank.3/3/3/3/3/3Passive  
18Innate RegenerationHP Regen +11/1/1Passive  
19Gift of the Keepers / Dark Reign2AAs, +10 to all stats capsTier 1 DoNPassive  
20Valor of the Keepers / Dark Reign2AAs, +250 hp / mana / endurance, Level 69 SpellTier 2 DoNPassive  
21Embrace of the Keepers / Dark Reign2AAs, one extra buffslotTier 3 DoNPassive  
22Power of the Keepers / Dark Reign2AAs,chance increase of critical hits/blastsTier 4 DoNPassive  
23Sanctity of the Keepers / Dark Reign- - -Tier 5 DoNPassive  
1Natural DurabilityIncrease HP by 2%, 5%, 10%.2/4/6Passive  
2Natural HealingIncreases HP-Regen by 1 per rank.2/4/6Passive  
3Fear ResistanceGrants a 5/10/25% bonus on fear checks.2/4/6Passive  
4Finishing BlowChance to instaslay a fleeing mob that is below 10% health.2/4/6Passive  
5Combat StabilityIncreases melee damage mitigation by 2%, 5%, and 10%.2/4/6Passive  
6Combat AgilityIncrease Melee avoidance by 2, 5 and 10 percent.2/4/6Passive  
7Combat FuryIncreases chance to critical hit.2/4/6Passive  
1Double RiposteIncrease chance to ripost by 15,35 and 50 percent.3/6/9Passive  
2FlurryUp to 2 additional attacks with mainhand.3/6/9Passive  
3RampageHit everything in range.5Activated10 minutes109
4Bandage WoundsImproves Bandage Wounds3/3/3/3/3Passive  
5Physical Enhancementadditional improvements in your natural Durability, Avoidance Boost, and Mitigation Boost.5Passive  
6Throwing MasteryIncrease Damage with ranged weapons.3/6/9Passive  
7Hastened War CryDecrease reuse time of War cry by 3 mins/rank.3/6/9Passive  
8Tireless SpiritEnhanced Spirit discipline.3/6/9Activated15 minutes372
1Advanced Innate StrengthStrength +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
2Advanced Innate StaminaStamina +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
3Advanced Innate AgilityAgility +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
4Advanced Innate DexterityDexterity +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
5Advanced Innate IntelligenceIntelligence +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
6Advanced Innate WisdomWisdom +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
7Advanced Innate CharismaCharisma +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
8Warding of SolusekResist Fire +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
9Blessing of EciResist Cold +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
10Marrs ProtectionResist Magic +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
11Shroud of the FacelessResist Poison +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
12Bertoxxulous GiftResist Disease +2 / rank1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1Passive  
13Planar PowerRaises all ability caps by 5 per rank.2/2/2/2/2Passive  
14Planar Durability1,5% more HPs / rank.3/3/3Passive  
1Coup de GraceInstaslay fleeing mob that is below 10% health to level 55/57/59.2/2/2Passive  
2Lightning ReflexesFurther increases chance to avoid getting hit by melee.3/3/3/3/3Passive  
3Innate Defensefurther increases melee damage mitigation.3/3/3/3/3Passive  
4Furious RampageDecrease reuse time of Rampage by 10% / rank.2/2/2Passive  
5Flash of SteelImprove Riposte chance by 10% / rank.3/3/3Passive  
6Mithaniel's BindingIncrease bandage wounds.3/3Passive  
7Raging FuryIncrease chance to flurry.2/4/6Passive  
8FerocityIncrease chance to double attack.3/3/3Passive  
9Punishing BladeIncrease chance to get extra attack with 2handers.2/4/6Passive  
10IngenuityIncrease weapon proc chance.1/2/3Passive  
11Tactical MasteryIncrease chance to bypass dodge, parry and the like.2/3/4Passive  
12Stalwart EnduranceReduce stun chance.2/4/6Passive  
13Fury of the AgesIncrease chance to critical hit.3/3/3Passive  
14Blur of AxesIncrease Frenzy Damage2/4/6Passive  
15Dead AimIncrease accuracy of your thrown weapons.3/3/3Passive  
1Swift JourneyRaises run speed 10% per skill level.5/5Passive  
2ConvalescenceHP Regen +13/3Passive  
3Lasting BreathMore Time without Air2/3Passive  
4PackratAbout 3,5% improvement on weight capacity per level3/3/3/3/3Passive  
5Heightened EnduranceHP Regen +1 / rank3/6/9Passive  
6Weapon AffinityIncreases chance for weaponprocs.5/5/5/5/5Passive  
7Frenzied DefenseChance to frenzy attack on a riposte.3/6/9Passive  
8DesperationDesperate attacks the closer the berserker gets to death.12Activated22 minutes373
9Untamed RageFall into rage.3/6/9Activated36 minutes374
10Echoing CriesIncrease duration of war cry by 25,50 and 100 percent.3/6/9Passive  
1Eternal BreathPermanent ability to breathe underwater5Passive  
2Blacksmithing MasteryReduces failure chance by 10,25 and 50%.3/6/9Passive  
3Baking MasteryReduces failure chance by 10,25 and 50%.3/6/9Passive  
4Brewing MasteryReduces failure chance by 10,25 and 50%.3/6/9Passive  
5Fletching MasteryReduces failure chance by 10,25 and 50%.3/6/9Passive  
6Pottery MasteryReduces failure chance by 10,25 and 50%.3/6/9Passive  
7Tailoring MasteryReduces failure chance by 10,25 and 50%.3/6/9Passive  
8SalvageChance to recover item on tradeskill failure.5/5/5Passive  
9OriginTeleport back to Home City.7Activated72 minutes331
10Chaotic PotentialIncrease stat-cap by 5 per rank5/5/5/5/5Passive  
11Discordant DefianceIncrease ResistCap by 5 per rank5/5/5/5/5Passive  
12Mystical AttuningBuff Slot +15/5/5/5/5Passive  
13Delay DeathRaises amount of HP you can fall below zero by 100 per level3/3/3/3/3Passive  
14Healthy AuraRaise HP Regen Cap by 5 per rank3/3/3/3/3Passive  
16Veterans WrathIncrease for melee criticals.3/6/9Passive  
17DeathblowInstastlay fleeing mobs under 10% affecting level 61/63/65 mobs.3/3/3Passive  
18Reflexive MasteryIncreases Chance to completely avoid damage.5/5/5/5/5Passive  
19Defensive InstinctsIncrease mitigation of incoming melee damage.5/5/5/5/5Passive  
20Vicious FrenzyIncrease Damage done by Frenzy4/4/4/4/4Passive  
21Crazed OnslaughtIncrease Flurry Chance.5/5/5Passive  
22Overhelming AttackBetter chance to bypass defenses.5/5/5Passive  
23Blood PactRage3/6/9Activated15 minutes387
24Savage SpiritRage3/6/9Activated72 minutes465
25Jewel Craft MasteryReduces your chance of failing a jewelry combine by 10%, 25%, and 50%.3/6/9Passive  
100Trials of MataMuramIncreases Max ResistanceCaps0/0/0/0/0/0Passive  
1Innate See InvisPermanent See Invis.9Passive  
2Prolonged MortalityDelay Death 50 hp / rank5/5/5/5/5Passive  
3PrecognitionMelee Avoidance5/5/5/5/5Passive  
4Thick SkinDamage Mitigation5/5/5/5/5Passive  
5Cascading RagePowerful Rage.5/5/5/5/5Activated36 minutes 
6Conservation5% chance per rank to not use component when summoning axe.5/5/5/5/5Passive  
7Cry of BattleNext War cry hits all opponents in range.12Activated72 minutes 
8Wicked Blade  
9ConcentrationIncrease chance to not have item effect interrupted.3/6/9Passive  
10Enhanced AggressionRaises ATK Cap for Items by 10 / rank5/5/5/5/5Passive  
11Field DressingImprove Bandage Wounds.3/3/3Passive  
12Relentless AssaultIncrease chance to double attack.7/7/7Passive  
1Potential of SerpentspireIncrease StatCap by 5 per rank5/5/5/5/5Passive  
2Death's DoorCan go 50hps/rank more negative5/5/5/5/5Passive  
3Combat MedicIncreases Bandage healing by 20HP/rank3/3/3/3/3Passive  
4Fast HealingHP Regen +13/x/x/x/xPassive  
5Quick DrawPotion Belt +1 slot5Passive  
6Battle ReadyBandolier +1 slot5Passive  
7Adept Forager+50 foraging, grants all races foraging5Passive  
8Glyph of Dragon ScalesExpendable: boosts AC for 10 minutes3Activated1 second 
9Glyph of Draconic PotentialExpendable: increase HP and Mana by 750 for 10 minutes3Activated1 second 
10Glyph of DestructionExpendable: increase melee critical damage by 10% for 2 minutes3Activated1 second 
11Veteran's FuryIncrease damage on critical melee hits3/x/xPassive  
12Mercy KillDeathblow to 65,67,693/x/xPassive  
13Rage of Serpent SpireIncrease attack cap for items5/x/x/x/xPassive  
14Endurance of Serpent SpineNatural regen +1hp/rank5/x/xPassive  
15Uncanny IngenuityImproved chance for magical spell procs to fire1/x/xPassive  
16Killing SpreeAfter slaying an enemy 10% chance/rank to get into a 30 seconds frenzy5/x/xPassive  
17Hold the LineIncrease landing healspells by 10% but reduce offense by 25%5Activated10 minutes 
18Combat FrenzyIncrease damage done by frenzy5/x/x/x/xPassive  
19Savage AssaultIncrease chance to flurry upon triple attack5/x/xPassive  
20OverbearChance to bypass dodge,parry,riposte and block3/x/xPassive  
21HarmstringSnare + AC debuff3/x/xActivated2 minutes 
22Last StandMore hate from attack (10%) and chance to flurry on triple attack9Activated10 minutes 
23Uncanny Resilience200hp per hit less for duration3/x/xActivated10 minutes 
24Blind RageA rage that after wearing off can blind you3/x/xActivated10 minutes 
25Battle LeapSpring forward into combat, boost attacks, levi wears off tho9Activated1 minute 
1Lesson of the DevotedDouble exp for 30 minutes.1 yearActivated20 hours481
2Infusion of the Faithfulmaximum resistances and statistics and a faster run speed for 15 minutes.2 yearsActivated20 hours482
3Chaotic JesterBristlebane puppet that persists for 15 minutes.3 yearsActivated20 hours483
4Expedient Recoveryall your corpses are summoned and given 100% experience resurrection4 yearsActivated164 hours484
5Steadfast ServantSummons healer for 30 minutes.5 yearsActivated20 hours485
6Staunch Recoveryplayer is fully healed with health, mana, and endurance fully restored.6 yearsActivated68 hours486
7Intensity of the ResoluteIncreases the power of the player’s abilities and heals substantially for 5 minutes7 yearsActivated4 hours487
8Throne of HeroesGate to Guild Lobby8 yearsActivated72 minutes 
9Armor of ExperienceMelee Mitigation (Mini-Defense Disc)9 yearsActivated20 hours