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Skylance 1
Skylance 3

Skylance1 : The Library


Get task in Arcstone, zone to the Skylance1.

Move up ramp and take first portal, you end up in the library. From there pull the roamers of the ramp and make sure to not aggro the nameds.

Move up right ramp and face a named up the top that is surrounded by 5 books, it is supposed that he activates books percentagebased so can slowly nuke him, kill adds. Has very view HPs so burn named and killing the books off later works too. (evac or simply fight em).

Named on 2nd ramp pops adds down below that run up the ramp, burn and loot the item - then turnin the items at ???.



Does Zone Repop? yes
Where spawns chest? dunno
Can switch someone in at end? mission locked