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    Secrets of Faydwer


    Crystallis Key Quest



    Quick overview: In this Quest you need to find 4 groundspawns (2slot-containers) and combine 8 essences in it to get 4 shards.


    Step1: Hail Tonas in Dragonscale Mountains



    Get the Quest "Beyond the Barrier"


    Now Find the Clear Crystal Base (Container need slot free) - in the Northeast of Dragonscale near Flarazim in Dragonscale.


    Here's a picture of the groundspawn


    Go back to Tonas and get an update by hailing him and a new quest (Lost Brother)


    Now find this guy: (location below)



    Please go up to the west of this tunnel - (NE part of the zone near canon), do NOT go into the deep ridge right there too, stay west


    Here the exact position where the first named is.



    we found it best to kill the adds first (dragon, slimes, roamer) and then the Mininamed "Lifewing".


    Once the mininamed is dead, we had Zeerith aggro the mainnamed (pops when you get near) and pop adds, then when the adds depopped we ran in and kicked the big named. Same strat worked for all Nameds !

    The dead Named drops 6 Essences


    Now to the 2nd named - for Tonas : Putidious - here is were you find him












    Now combine the 2 essences in the groundspawn-container you got to get this:




    Hail Tonas





    Step 2: Jashy (located in Dragonscale too)




    Hail him and get another Lost Brother Quest:



    In the hills of shade get invis/ivu and get to that spot (first cast grpinvis, then grpivu). Should be able to find that


    Inside the crypt the 2slot container is here:




    Here would it be, if I hadnt looted it already ;-)




    Go back, hail and you get these updates, which means 2 nameds to kill:



    Thats The Fireeye spot - same area as the previous golems etc - all near Crystallis entrance.


    Fire-eye is the mini


    Searzar the real named




    Next up: Shardcrasher


    Thats what he drops


    Combine the 2 essences again in the crypt-container with 2 slots and you have the next part done !



    There is 2 more questparts for now, one in lopes and one in a heavier zone to collect two more groundspwan containers and combine 4 essences in it from mobs that are all near the Crystallis Zone.