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Uisima Lord of the Depths (Ranger 1.5 Endfight)

Here comes the strat for last fight in order to get the epic.

Step 13: One Last Fight

Bring a raid to the Ruined City of Dranik. Head north from zone-in and turn right when you reach the east-west valley. Up the slope is an entrance to a courtyard with many snakes and a red /con ogre called Krekk Brimblade (part of the warrior epic 1.5). North of the courtyard is the entrance to a fort. Have your raid clear the west wing of the fort then back out to the entrance. When ready, you should head in to +1400, -900, causing Sverins Fireskin and Uisima Lord of the Depths to spawn (need levels and fight info).

Similarly to the previous two fights, keep Uisima busy via off-tanking or kiting and kill Sverins Fireskin, who procs Matter Dispersal and spawns mezzable/snareable/slowable adds called "An Earthbound Golem." Once Sverins is dead, slowly take Uisima down to low health until he respawns as non-KoS.

You say, 'Hail, Uisima Lord of the Depths'

A chest may spawn with additional loot

Kalthir wrote.

Ushima of the Depths will spawn, he is partially slowable, needs to be offtanked until Sverin is taken care of. Not sure what he hits for, but as with all the other mobs, he needs to be slowly taken down til he de-aggros so will call for a stop attack. Sverins Fireskin will spawn, unslowable, have heard hits for 2k. Sverin has a unresistable AE, neg600AC, 500dmg per tick for 4 ticks, has 16curse counters.
So MGB heals to counter this. Burn him quick and it won't be a hard fight.


Also i knicked this from Tieldar post.

This fight takes place in RCoD to the north beyond the Warrior epic mob. Guild should move into the tunnels north Of Krekk clearing to the trigger room. Once there the ranger will move in and trigger the event. The mobs spawn along the very north wall.

The event will NEED: 1 tank, 3 off tanks, and a few mezzers.

When the event is triggered the Tank will aggro Fireskin and fight him along the north wall. The Offtanks will get snap agro on Uisima Lord of the Depths and two golems that spawn with them. The golem adds can be mezzed so do no damage aggro. Both Uisima and Fireskin hit hard and fast so need slowed. Both can be slowed but reports differ between Shaman and chanter slows. The two golem adds despawn and respawn at intervals. Some reports say every 30 seconds while others say closer to one minute. The off tanks for these have to be quick aggro or clerics get crushed.

Mobs & Effects:

Sverins Fireskin: Level 77 Warrior Dragorn
Hits hard and fast, Magic slowable, casts Matter Dispersal

Uisima Lord of the Depths: Level 72 Warrior Golem

Earthbound Golem:

Like the rest of the Ranger epic raid events, Fireskin has to be killed first and then Bring Uisina down slowly to about 15%. >From 15% and lower only the tank and the ranger should be on him slowly bring him down to non-aggro. At that point a quick hail and a combine and ranger has a new Toy