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Ikki4 down !

In an awesome raid the TSM/FFG-Alliance took down the Ikkinz4 trial and made the day a great success. After figuring out how to open all doors we managed to keep 45 of the 48 raiders alive in the endfight and so everyone went home with a nice shiny ikkinz4 flag. Seeing how smooth this run went we are confident to enter qvic sometime soon...
Our latest Monday raid was a success as well, ZunMuram and the Battlemaster fell for the second time - but with only around 25-ish raiders!
Gratz also to Khaol, whom was the reason we went to RCoD in the first place - gratz on your epic 1.5 mate and thanks for good tankage !
Submitted by: Laurelina(16 May 2006)