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Server 3rd you said ?

When most guilds skip a difficult challenge or quickly give up at trying it, we are the ones working on it until we beat it.

We did it over one year ago with Overlord Mata Muram for a server 3rd, and here we come again with defeating Lethar 2.0 for another server 3rd ! With that victory we're closing another expansion : bye bye The Serpent's Spine !

If that was not enough, we've started working on MMM raid access and won Mining Behemoth (server 3rd as well) in Steam Factory : that's 1 out of 5 steps done. Solteris is also in the scope : we're starting the fun there in 2 weeks !

Congratulation TSM for another kickass job !

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(21 July 2008)