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Answering the call of a challenge
Well after beating the tower again we were standing around in the plane of knowledge wondering what other trouble we could get into. When we hear this guy Karl Kranigan hollering about looking for somebody to test his clockwork robots in battle.

Never one to pass up a chance to get slaughtered and maimed we decided to try it out. Well Karl's first 9 clockworks were pretty wimpy. The 10th was easy except he kept splashing lava on people.

We took a small breather then went after the last one. And in an impressive display of DPS, Healing and focus we downed the last of the Steel Behemoths.

Grats to all on our nice shiny new augs and to Powerful and Galdox on some nice Unneksteel gear. We might have to pay Karl another visit if he can turn the pile of scrap we left behind into golems again.
Submitted by: Drakang(28 March 2010)