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What do you do when numbers are low.
Well attendence was down a bit today. So after doing warrens for wrist/hand essence (Curse the lack of targets that drop them) we were a bit stumped as to what to do. We had been talking about getting back to trying hard Tower for a while now so....

Instead of just talking we headed back to Korafax. Hard Mindblight we had won before and all did a great job.

Next up Trophy room. It got a bit close at a few points on lack of DPS but all held it together and focused and stayed at it to pull out a first win on hard Trophy room.

Never wanting to end on a success when we could get a free port to the guild lobby we pressed on to the Stasis Chamber event. With the biggest hiccup being me dieing right after a pull and hitting go to bind vice rez we stayed focused and strong and Added another first win to our list.

Looks like Thursday may be another day to add a few more hard wins to the list. Thanks to all those that were understanding of the numbers limits and sat outside encouraging us to push on and win.

Oh and we tossed in third fippy win Sunday officially putting him on farm status. The beast will fall soon enough.
Submitted by: Drakang(24 May 2010)