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Happy Anniversary
Okay so this is not about winning our first T4 raid or some other raiding achievement that guilds normally brag about.

However, this is about an achievement that is rare for guilds. 10 years ago today a group of 16 people bonded together by a game gathered on the bridge between North Karana and South Karana and waited for a GM to show up. When he arrived he officially granted them the guild title The Silent Minority. So named becuase they were all European players on a heavily US based server and game.

Over the years TSM has changed. We now have alot of US members. Most of the original members have moved to Antoinus Bayle or retired from the game. A few indidviduals (Oozie and Syssta) are still around from those early days.

What has not changed is the spirit that existed in TSM. Although we raid we are not just about raiding, although we all have our own goals we are ready to help each other, although we are a strong guild we are never to proud to take a little help from friends.

So today we celebrate something special and rare in the world of Everquest.

To all that have been a part of TSM over the years and contributed to this milestone....Thanks.

Grats on 10 years TSM. May there be many more to come.
Submitted by: Drakang(11 April 2012)