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We hate Brownies Oh yes we do.
Well after banging our heads against a wall called Findlewill for several days we learned a few things. Some of us have really thick skulls and that PITA little brownie can die. We were so busy dancing on his corpse we almost forgot about this giant rampaging minotaur. But we polished him off as well.

Grats TSM on another server first taking out the Guardians at the gate

And since we had not seen enough death on the mobs side yet we went down and killed Yymp the Infernal for good measure

Grats TSM on 2 more server firsts and being the 13th Guild game wide that we know of to beat the first 2 Xorbb events.

King Xorbb is not long for this world
Submitted by: Drakang(10 February 2013)