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Bye Bye Terris Thule!
With a bit sadness we leave our old Server Terris Thule behind. We had a lot of fun there in the past.
We however look forward to meet all the new people and guilds on our new home - Prexus.

May we have the same or even more fun over there.

We also went on some retro raids on the last day of Terris Thule server.
We killed our Goddess (screenshots) - so Terris Thule is dead, all welcome Prexus !

Do not miss the ByeBye Terris Thule - WELCOME PREXUS VIDEO ! Great thanks to Summn for this piece of art.

We also want to thank our new friends of Clan Nan Dreolan for a warm welcome. It's good that we're not the only europe's now *grin*. May our joined future be fun and rewarding !
Submitted by: Laurelina(10 May 2005)