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Its just another day in paradise... *dance*

or thats what Summn and Turielaen surely would say about yesterday.
Anyhow we started our little quest in WoS and dropped Velitorkin. Since he refused to drop any glowing runes we continued to wrack havoc on Tarn Icewind that was nicer and dropped one for us. Not happy with a single one we kicked Pyrique Redwing to get at least a second and after a quick fight we held the second glowing runes in our hands.
After that we managed to kill the girplan guardian once more for Turielaen. Well in epic mood we couldn't resist to visit Tarlang for our "beloved" Necro Summn as well as finishing Turielaens epic by doing the Elite Sun Revenant.
To Summn it all up : A great focused raidday and gratz to Turie + Summn on their epic 1.5 !
Submitted by: Laurelina(25 August 2005)