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Aims & Objectives
Entry Requirements
Logistical Rules

Joining TSM

Contacting TSM

Guild Charter

Aims and Objectives

  • To grow in size and strength while always maintaining quality.
  • To strive to be able to support our members in what they want to achieve.
  • To work together to make our shared EQ experience the best it can be.
  • To make the name of TSM respected.
  • To have fun together!


The members of The Silent Minority:

  • Have a mature mindset.
  • Ask for guild help only when they really need it, knowing that other members will stop what they're doing to help another member in real need.
  • Help out other guild members when they can knowing that guild members won't ask unless they really need help.
  • Strive to forge and strengthen friendships between members.
  • Constantly improve the guild's reputation by their conduct, acting with decorum and consideration in their travels, offering advice and assistance to those in need.
  • Treat all other guilds and individuals without prejudice.

Entry Requirements

  • To join, a player must bring a character of the appropriate level and aa's as listed in our class requirement list. Although we do have alts in the guild it is encouraged that you concentrate mainly on the character you apply with. However, on raids you earn points that may be spent on either your main character or one designated alt.
  • Above all, The Silent Minority's bottom line is friendship and a common goal. Most members are very competent players, but more importantly, all are good people. This is essential, and prospective members must have extensive association - hunting or equivalent - with supporting guild members.
  • Please be aware that The Silent Minority is predominantly a GMT guild. This does not exclude players from other time zones, but please be aware that in general, the guild's busy times are likely to be GMT-orientated.
  • When you apply , do not be guilded in another guild, and do not apply to more than one guild at a time!

Logistical Rules

For logistical reasons, guild members agree to:

  • Use /role-play rather than /anon if anonymity with respect to character level etc. is required.
  • Visit the guild message boards often - ideally at least every other day or so.
  • Register and maintain all member characters on our roster here and enter the important quests into our quest system for flagtracking.
  • Read the "Message Of The Day" when you log a character into the game.
  • Please Note it is highly recommended that you work on gaining access to the raid zones TSM currently (or in the near future) raid. Ask an officer ingame for details.

(Drakang and Powerful, Co-Guild Leaders of The Silent Minority)