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Registration Process
(IMPORTANT: Do not register with your station name and password!)

Why should I register?
This website works with a ranking system. As unregistered guest you will simply see less content then a registered TSM member. Currently the rankings are:
unregistered guest, lurker, applicant, member, officer, leader, admin. The higher you are in this list, the more content will show up.
If you are a member of TSM you will find many functions in this website to help you manage your characters and also to help the officer team to check your progress on flags.

How do I register?
Registration itself is instant. This means you only have to enter a Username, Password and Email-Adress and can then immediately login with your data. Please make sure that your Loginname does match your Main Character in EQ. If you registered with a wrong name you can fix that under "my accounts" after login. (again do not use your stationname+password here ! If your station name is the same as your main character, please choose a different password for this site)
The Site Admins will "up" your status manually - so it may take a while before your status is set correctly and you can see all content of the webpage.

Who should register:
Basically every member of TSM, ex-members, applicants and if they want common guests on our raids. However many content will be only viewable if you are a member or ex-member of TSM. Accounts that we can not put into context with someone we know will be cleaned every now and then.

Registration Problems:
If you experience any problems email the admin team under