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Itsy... bitsy... spider !

Fitting to the start of spiderman III we thought we could give it a try on that spider and see if we turn into superheroes by getting bit, but altho we got bitten by various spidertypes we didn't really notice much difference. Anyway beeing bitten for nothing sucks and so Sendaii made us a tad angry and that wasn't good - for her.
I am proud to say that TSM did beat up that event and so we hopefully can soon have a look into demiplane !
Thanks all for making this happen !

PS: As Parun complained his name wasn't visible on the Mata Muram screenshot I added him in the top left corner. As space is important and expensive we just had 1 pixel to represent him and so he's that tad light pixel up there! Imagination IS needed ;-)
Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(04 June 2007)