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Lethar 1.0 down, soon upgrading to 2.0
A good thursday (traditionally a more slacking day) raidforce managed to focus and after a slow start ("who can trigger ag north?") we had to start with an AG east run for flags and cause... err... we had none that could trigger north online - lol
Anyway taking up speed we breezed through AG east with ease and even on Stitch we just lost a necromancer that thought he could be Maintank...
We had a bit time left so we went to North (yes in the meantime we found someone to trigger that).
  • Armies of Dynleth - won in first try that day (we lost it Monday once due to a shitty strat from me *g*).
  • Lethar 1.0 - first try - first win.
  • Not nuff time left for Lethar 2.0 = we kicked the Aug Event in North easily and made a zerker happy - first try - first win.
  • We're closing in on Solteris with huge steps now!
    Submitted by: Menelin(27 June 2008)