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Tower Day 6 Brekt Sent Packing
Well only 11 short Calendar days from when we first entered the tower and on our 6th raid we took out Overlord Zun Muram and friends and popped up top to pay Lord Brekt a visit.

First fight went to Brekt but we quickly regrouped and went at him again. A bit quicker than planned actually (side note target players not mobs when casting buffs). After a bit of insanity on the start everybody settled in and Brekkt was soon lying lifeless on the floor.

So there are a lot of happy TSM folks running around now with Time Lord Tags.

Now to settle in for some serious farming and working on Hard Tower events. Plus still need to go back and finish of 2 last fights in the Rathe Council Chamber to finish off everything.

A nice shot of us all sitting around enjoying the view from up top.
Submitted by: Drakang(28 January 2010)