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Hard Times call for Hard Measures
Not sure if its Spring Break or just improving weather but attendance was down so we did a few easy tasks in the Earth theme as a warm up.

Not willing to give up without something challanging and allowing for numbers down but the quality of the team solid we decided to visit the tower on hard.

Our first attempt on Mindblight was a loss with him despawning just 2% shy of staying up. We regrouped adjusted and went on to win our first hard tower event. Grats to Lollanna on the first but certainly not the last piece of loot from hard tower.

Also a note of thanks to some of our friends from Sword of Fate that brought along their healers to help cover where we were short. Once again having friends who help us out paid dividends for TSM.
Submitted by: Drakang(14 March 2010)