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Well the Well went Well
I ran into this ghost named mortimer (never trust people named mortimer especially ghosts named mortimer). He says he knows where there is this big chest full of loot and all I have to do to get it is to kill 10 measly little tentacle terrors.

So We rounded up the gang and headed down to make quick work of them. Well the Tentacle terrors had a nasty case of split personality when we started beating on them and popped into 2 mobs. Then they started calling spiders and all kinds of other bugs out the walls. It got Nasty. It got deadly. We all thought we were gonna die a few times over. Some of us did die a few times over.

But in the end the terrors all died and we walked away with another win and some very nice goodies.

Grats All on another TSM first win on Terror in the Dark.

Submitted by: Drakang(16 April 2011)