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Avatar of Dust
The Avatar of Dust is dead !
Thanks to all present at the raid helping to get us some Xegony keys. We sure will have a meeting with Xegony soonish.

Many thanks to: Banthin, Bazzarac, Boran, Bulveii, Buna, Cadara, Caell, Ghoulie, Glanxis, Golenyck, Jordax, Kalthir, Kenshiro, Kiithsa, Laurelina, Llanwain, Luthic, Mandrax, Miquel, Morientis, Muriellx, Oozie, Shanadil, Shiver, Summn, Syssta, Tabbi, Tethalia, Tolnon, Turielaen, Valmir, Zeerith, Zeroex
Submitted by: Laurelina(19 September 2005)