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    OOW Spell Turnin Progression
    66Six Focus Items, Child of Wind, Fireskin, Bolt of Jeridor, Summon: Fireblade, Elemental Aura
    67Summon Dagger of the Deep (scroll is currently called "Summon Spear of the Deep"), Rain of Jerikor, Child of Water, Summon Crystal Belt, Summon Staff of the North Wind, Summon Sphere of Air
    68Phantom Shield, Blade Strike, Summon: Pouch of Jerikor, Child of Fire, Pyrilen Skin
    69Elemental Fury, Desolate Summoned, Burning Earth, Renewal of Jerikor, Bulwark of Calliav
    70Circle of Fireskin, Child of Earth, Star Scream, Star Strike, Elemental Simulcram
    AncientAncient: Nova Strike, Ancient: Elemental Spike
  • Level 66: Minor Muramite Rune
  • Level 67: Lesser Muramite Rune
  • Level 68: Muramite Rune
  • Level 69: Greater Muramite Rune
  • Level 70: Glowing Muramite Rune
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