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  • Interfectorum24 April 1995Everyone
    Striderback04 January 1992Everyone
    LlukehiddenTSM Members Only
    Bliitz09 October 1988Everyone
    UenahiddenTSM Members Only
    CypiriushiddenAlliance Members
    DimmeryhiddenAlliance Members
    Kesden01 September 1985Everyone
    ArchanioushiddenTSM Members Only
    BohrhiddenAlliance Leadership
    Dephile22 August 1984Everyone
    GweexhiddenTSM Members Only
    Alwrath01 July 1983Everyone
    KalthirhiddenTSM Members Only
    Saeba13 September 1981Everyone
    Sharlinea29 April 1980Everyone
    Vhan22 January 1980Everyone
    EmporerhiddenAdmin Only
    Ambrosie28 October 1979Everyone
    Miquel18 August 1979Everyone
    faekk17 June 1979Everyone
    PizzicatohiddenTSM Members Only
    mecronaancerhiddenAlliance Members
    ValmirhiddenAlliance Members
    DidlithiddenTSM Members Only
    precyse09 September 1978Everyone
    TabbihiddenTSM Members Only
    GrimishhiddenTSM Members Only
    Zeerith26 November 1976Everyone
    SummnhiddenAlliance Members
    HexchenhiddenAdmin Only
    BernhardhiddenAdmin Only
    ClongarhiddenTSM Members Only
    innouki03 March 1975Everyone
    Viltaire14 November 1971Everyone
    greeba04 October 1971Everyone
    Sanoab08 September 1971Everyone
    Gashie22 April 1971Everyone
    padron20 January 1971Everyone
    Geegen OtakuhiddenTSM Members Only
    Lusciousluxor24 August 1968Everyone
    Norks27 October 1966Everyone
    Glynrol12 September 1966Everyone
    TolpaniahiddenTSM Members Only
    OpioushiddenTSM Members Only
    runferhiddenAdmin Only
    Shenghai28 November 1964Everyone
    LarulhiddenTSM Members Only
    konerdanhiddenAdmin Only
    IkikhiddenTSM Leadership Only
    Karpov25 June 1957Everyone
    ParunhiddenAlliance Members
    Syssta22 April 1956Everyone
    OoziehiddenTSM Members Only
    DrazellhiddenAdmin Only
    kinamyen30 November -0001Everyone
    ImubiahiddenTSM Members Only
    SoranhiddenAdmin Only
    vennushiddenAdmin Only
    spardahiddenAdmin Only
    LlolanihiddenTSM Leadership Only