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    TSM DKP-Rules v1.11 (Last Change: 25th September 2007)

    The Silent Minority uses a DKP-System to distribute loot fairly and equal among its members, allies and guests. DKP stands for “Dragon Kill Points” and is a commonly used system - although used in many different ways. We use the basic version of the DKP principle along with giving a bonus for comeing early and staying till the end of a raid. We also support one alt character (called DKP-alt) but restrict it to that. This way we make sure that main characters are equipped faster then alts to make us stronger in general. But lets see how it works:


    The System of Main / DKP-Alt / Alts
    TSM is alt-friendly but not totally open. This means you can have one main character and one DKP-Alt. You can only bid for these two (should be registered on website and marked appropriate). You can exchange your main/dkp-alt at any time by simply changing it on the website and leaving a note on the websiteforums. However bringing a new alt into the system has some penalties. For example a cleric is your DKP-Alt and you want your newly created ranger alt to be your new dkp alt (for equipping him) then you have to endure a 30 day period in which you cannot bid for either your ranger or cleric.... So in short at any given time there is a maximum of two characters you can bid for and that we have to be aware of.


    Before you raid with The Silent Minority and can earn DKP, you should register on our main website The activation is instant, so after you registered you can right away log into the website and get a few more menupoints visible. Once you are registered and logged in you should enter ALL your characters that will EVER raid with TSM (that includes alt characters that you bring for flaghailing). Saves the DKP-Admin some trouble to look alt #5000 up in 5 different rosters...
    Note: if you are an ally of The Silent Minority we also encourage you to not only enter your character (name/level) but as well enter your PoP and GoD flags at least.


    Looking up your DKPs:

    You can look up your current dkp-standing in several ways:

    • use and look for your username there. You have several different options to filter dkps and to compare to other members. So if a nice plate item drops on a raid you can filter it for plate classes only and see how many dkp the other plate-classes have and then bid depending on this info. If you are logged in properly your name and characters will also highlight down the list.
    • Our website also shows your current DKP in the upper right corner next to your Username IF you are logged in properly.

      Note a): by clicking on the DKP in the upper right corner of the website you get to the dkp section (shortcut)
      Note b): by clicking on your Name in the upper right corner of the website you get to your useroverview where you can see your attended raids, itembids and the like.
      Note c): the above two things just work when you are registered and logged in properly !


    Earning DKP:

    DKPs are earned "per Person" not per character. That means if you box 5 people on a raid you get dkp for one only.


    There is a Startbonus of 3 DKP if you are in the raid at the starttime of the raid. We normally raid Sundays and Mondays so be at Qeynos-Stone before 7:30pm GMT to get this bonus (yes we are a european guild). A shot of the current raidmembers will be made in the time of about 7:30-7:45).

    The Endbonus is given when the raid is finished. This in average ranges on normal raiddays from about 10:30 pm gmt to 11:30pm gmt. The Endbonus is 1 DKP.

    Per Hour
    Each member or guest earns 6 DKP an hour (1 every 10 Minutes). The time ticks as soon as the raid starts and you are in.

    Note: If we are unable to get someone into a raid due to limited seats, level restrictions, not having expansion or lack of flags the poor souls that have to sit outside will earn full dkp for as long as they are online (after the target is finished they can rejoin). We are a family type guild and if we have to leave someone behind we make sure he at least gets rewarded fairly. We also do not force them to sit at entrance - if you cannot join you can exp somewhere, sort your guildbank or watch TV. Just make sure you can rejoin quickly if a target is called where everyone can join.


    Spending DKP:

    Who can bid?

    Main Characters and DKP-Alts that are present at the raid !
    As said above only Main Characters and dkp-alts can bid on items UNLESS the item is called for "all alts" in which case you can bid for any of your characters. Also the person you bid for has to be at the spot where the item dropped. In no way are you allowed to bid for a character that isn't there and that you need to run over to grab it. If that means an item will rot, then it will rot.

    Recommended and required level
    The character you bid for has to be of appropriate required level to use the item. So if you are level 60 and something drops that has a required level of 65 your bid will not be considered valid. This goes for runes as well, as level 68 you cannot bid on a level 69 rune that you cannot use immediately. If no one bids on the item however the call for "all alts" is made and that includes falling of the level restriction. Feel free to bid for your level 1 toon and buy him a greater rune then.


    Minimum DKPs:
    The number the officers call along with the name of the lootitem represent the minimum bid for the item. This means the item will be destroyed if people don't bid the minimum prize. As always there is an exception to the rule: before we destroy an item you can bid even when you do not posess the dkps. That means we allow you to go negative before we have to destroy loot. If the call for "all alts" is made you can bid normally for all your alts and even higher then the minimum. For speedup-reasons normally those bidding minimum for their alts will roll tho.
    Also some minor loot will be called as 0 dkp, so you can actually bid for 0 dkp.
    Example: you are the only ranger at a ikkinz raid of ours and the ranger-only-nodrop Darkglint Blade drops you have to pay 20 dkp (which will most likely be the minimum bid cause its a good item) or the item will be destroyed. If an item is worth looting, its also worth some dkp.

    The Bid Procedure:

    1. item drops
    2. officer that is not bidding him/herself will call it in raidchat (some do in current raidchannel too)
    3. officer will call it three times if its a good item, probably less when its a trashdrop.
    4. raiders send tell to officer with their bid
    5. officer announces winner after the three calls.

    The concept of blind bids:
    When you bid for an item you have to bid what it is worth for you, the officer will not tell you if you are the current highbidder (like ebay). So if you want the item badly you have to overbid the normal prize to be sure it will be yours. So it may be happening that you are the only one bidding for an item and your bid is very high. Bid as you like, bid what you think its worth. If you do not win the item, your points of course are not spend !


    Bid amounts
    Your bids should range anywhere from the minimum dkp to your current dkp in steps of 0.5 !


    What if two people bid the same?
    In this special case the officer will tell those two to "up or hold" - that means those two only get the chance to raise their bid to get the item. This will be called once only - if both hold or up the same amount (resulting in yet another draw), then the dice will decide.


    Going Negative
    It is not allowed to go negative dkp if you bid over the minimum amount of an item. If this by accident happens you will earn dkp at half rate until you are at 0 again. (if you go -10 dkp then you have to earn 20 regular dkp to get to 0 again). Each raider has to know his current DKP before a raid. So in short you can always bid minimum DKP for an item (normally 20) even if you dont have any DKP left. If you in that case go negative you will not get penaltied. However if you bid for example 21 on a minimum bid of 20 then you will get penaltied as above.


    Can I bid the dkp of the raid I am in cause we raided 2hrs already ?
    As with any other system you cannot bid DKP you earned on the current raid. So even if you came in time for the startbonus (3dkp) and raided two hours with us (12 dkp) you cannot bid those 15 dkp. You can only bid those dkp that were listed on the website before raidstart.


    Can I bid DKP for a friend of mine?
    No, while you can spend your DKP on your main and dkp alt, you cannot support any other character or person with it.


    Problems, Questions, too much or less DKP ?

    Screwups did, do and will happen. So if anything is amiss you have the following ways to contact me:
    - ingame email to Laurelina
    - email to
    - Private Message on our messageboards to Laurelina
    Do not hesitate to contact me when something is amiss. Please be aware tho that it might take a bit for the raids to be entered.




    • 1.08 - added the epic 2.0 rules (TSM mains only, no epiced char yet, groupstuff done)
    • 1.09 - added the orb restrictions and their 3 stages
    • 1.10 - orbs are now stage 2
    • 1.11 - removed stages on epics and flags as things are rotting