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    Cleric Epic 1.5


    [ ] Possess the Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh (skip remainder of "Pre-Stage")


    Stage I
    [ ] Nedaria's Landing: Contact Tavon Vastsea
    [ ] Barindu, The Hanging Gardens: (Group) Find Jomaj Kaiijin and defeat the Kyv Runner. Once dead, slay random creatures in the area to gain the "encrypted note".
    [ ] Abysmal Sea: Give "encrypted note" to Shav the Cryptologist.
    [ ] Ferubi: (Group) Find the Ripped, Shredded, Tattered and Torn Quarters of a map which are held by random creatures throughout the area. ( map )
    [ ] Abysmal Sea: Give the 4 map quarters to Shav the Cryptologist. She assembles the map.
    [ ] Nedaria's Landing: On the dock, give "assembled map" to Cartographer Tweister.
    [ ] Lesser Faydark: (Raid) In the southwest corner, defeat Taskmaster Mirot. Obtain the "Magically Sealed Note" 8 ( strat )


    Stage II
    [ ] Nedaria's Landing: Turn in "Magicially Sealed Note" to Tavon Vastsea, receive "Dark Disciples Letter of Service"
    [ ] Wakening Lands: Contact Scout Leader Plavo. Turn in "Dark Disciples Letter of Service".
    [ ] Western Wastes: Obtain "a Dragon Cerebrum" from Scout Pirri
    [ ] Ssra Temple: Obtain "Shissar Cerebral Cortex" from an elite temple guard
    [ ] Akheva Ruins: Obtain an "Akhevan Brain Stem" from Atulinae'Vius
    [ ] Wakening Lands: (Raid) Contact Scout Leader Plavo. Turn in "a Dragon Cerebrum", "Shissar Cerebral Cortex", and "Akhevan Brain Stem" to spawn Dark Disciple Master.( strat )

    Obtain the "Aegis of Chaotic Worship"


    Stage III
    [ ] Nedaria's Landing: Contact Tavon Vastsea. Hand him the "Aegis of Chaotic Worship". Tavon will give this back to you.
    [ ] Plane of Knowledge: Contact Borik Darkanvil. Hand him the "Aegis of Chaotic Worship".
    [ ] Ruined City of Dranik: Contact Natvil.
    [ ] Walls of Slaughter: Obtain "Bazu Plasma" from a Bazu.
    [ ] Walls of Slaughter: Obtain "Murkglider Plasma" from a Murkglider.
    [ ] Walls of Slaughter: Obtain "Pyrlien Plasma" from Dragorn Assassin.
    [ ] Any Brew Barrel: Combine "Bazu Plasma", "Murkglider Plasma", and "Pyrlien Plasma" to produce "Soul Temper".
    [ ] Any Forge: Combine "Soul Temper", "Aegis of Chaotic Worship", and a water flask to produce "Harmony of the Soul":


    Allakhazam Quest Description:


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