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    Cleric Epic 1.5


    [ ] Possess the Harmony of the Soul (cleric epic 1.5)


    The Main Quest:

    [ ] In the Ruined City of Dranik, you can find Natvil at +990, -305. Give him the Harmony of the Soul. (you get it back)


    [ ] Head to Tavon Vastsea, who may be found in Nedaria's Landing at +1025, +1525. Hail her


    [ ] Cryssa may be found in a safe alcove in the Bloodfields at -640, -1080. Hail her


    [ ] Kill random nocs in the Bloodfields until you have collected

    • Top Section of an Engraved Signet (identifies as "The top third of a delicately engraved signet")
    • Center Section of an Engraved Signet (identifies as "The middle third of a delicately engraved signet")
    • Bottom Section of an Engraved Signet (identifies as "The bottom third of a delicately engraved signet")


    [ ] Give the three sections to Cryssa. Receive an Enchanted Signet of the Disciples.


    [ ] If you zone into Wall of Slaughter, the signet will begin to glow. Mobs will begin to aggro and, in the north part of the zone, a level 70 Dark Disciple will spawn upon the death of random trash mobs. It hits for 200-1000. It will often drop a Dark Red Robe, which identifies as "A robe... that is dark... and red..." The robe can drop from any of the dark disciples. Bring it back to Cryssa (she hands it back).


    [ ] Bring the Robe back to Omat Vastsea in Timorous Deep at -11565, -2225. Hail and give him robe.You get a Robe of Plasmatic Priesthood.


    [ ] Find Warder Cecilia in the Skyfire Mountains at +3000, -3200. Hail, Give her the robe.


    [ ] Complete any single group Muramite Proving Grounds trial and loot a Journal of the Prime Disciple, a 10-slot GIANT container which identifies as "There are No Pages in this book."


    [ ] Find a Torn Journal Page, dropped by random mobs in the Muramite Proving Grounds.


    [ ] (raid) Loot a Ripped Journal Page, found on the Girplan Scavenger, a raid encounter in the northern section of the Proving Grounds. The Girplan Scavenger can spawn a chest (called what?) upon its death with additional loot.


    [ ] Combine the two pages inside the container. This results in a Prime Disciple's Journal, which identifies as "It is magically sealed."


    [ ] (raid) Take this journal to Omat Vastsea in Timorous Deep. This will in turn spawn Gefaari Drokaz. Upon damaging him, he will turn into a human Zordak Ragefire. After bringing his health down (how much?), the now-undead dragon Zordak Ragefire spawns with friends. Loot the soulshard from his corpse. After he's killed, a chest (called what?) can spawn with additional loot.


    [ ] (raid) Citadel of Anguish. Take a raid in there get an Orb of Discordant Energy.


    [ ] Bring the globe, the soulshard, and your Epic 1.5 to Natvil in the Ruined City of Dranik (location +990, -305 if you have forgotten).


    Receive your Epic 2.0: Aegis of Superior Divinity, and your new title "High Priest" or "High Priestess."


    Allakhazam Quest Description:


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