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  • Blocker Handin Guide
  • Spellmission 68
  • Spellmission 69
  •   69.1: The Lost Notebook
      69.3: The Search for Clues
      +50 to disease resist clicky for 1-4
  • Spellmission 70
  •   70.2: Praetorian Guard
      70.5: Into the Shadows
      +50 to poison resist clicky for 1-5
  • Widdlethorp Gemfinder Series (Korlach)
  •   WG1: Search for Coral
      WG2: Learning the Power
      WG3: Discover the Secret
      WG4: Taking Control
      +50 to magic resist clicky for 1-4
  • Finding Fibblebrap (Bellfast)
  •   Finding Fibblebrap 1: The Mines
      Finding Fibblebrap 2: Lost Caverns
      Finding Fibblebrap 3: The Hive
      Finding Fibblebrap 4: The Korlach
      +50 to fire resist clicky for 1-4
  • Dreadspire Access
  • Shadowwalker Dustspirit Series

    +50 to cold resist clicky for 1-5

  • DSK: Memories Lost
  • Deserting the Ranks
  • Last of the Legion

    Finding Fibblebrap 1: The Mines

    • Trigger Mission in Corathus Creep, then move to Zone (marked ZL3 in Corathus)
    • pick up groundspawn, go down with elevator
    • on first elevator a lot of mini-larvas will rush you, not having many HPs or hitting hard. (one ae and they are dead except 1-2).
    • move to the point where the alpha larve ist marked, kill it and loot and the meat.
    • now kill to the SE room and let the one with the meat hail Creeper Clicktok repeatedly. Can do DA, FD or whatever.


    • only larves are mezzable
    • lots of see invis (bats etc.)
    • charming or rooting for cc
    • best have good dps and move fast, can rest a bit in tunnels but the big rooms have to be cleared fast and moved through.


    • zone does repop
    • chest pops at Creeper Clicktok
    • can most likely switch someone in before hailing (didn't try)

    Allakhazam Quest Link:


    Normal Version Rewards (average level 68+)
    BF.1: Rescue Fibblebrap
    (The Mines - Corathus)