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  • Blocker Handin Guide
  • Spellmission 68
  • Spellmission 69
  •   69.1: The Lost Notebook
      69.3: The Search for Clues
      +50 to disease resist clicky for 1-4
  • Spellmission 70
  •   70.2: Praetorian Guard
      70.5: Into the Shadows
      +50 to poison resist clicky for 1-5
  • Widdlethorp Gemfinder Series (Korlach)
  •   WG1: Search for Coral
      WG2: Learning the Power
      WG3: Discover the Secret
      WG4: Taking Control
      +50 to magic resist clicky for 1-4
  • Finding Fibblebrap (Bellfast)
  •   Finding Fibblebrap 1: The Mines
      Finding Fibblebrap 2: Lost Caverns
      Finding Fibblebrap 3: The Hive
      Finding Fibblebrap 4: The Korlach
      +50 to fire resist clicky for 1-4
  • Dreadspire Access
  • Shadowwalker Dustspirit Series

    +50 to cold resist clicky for 1-5

  • DSK: Memories Lost
  • Deserting the Ranks
  • Last of the Legion

    WG2: Learning The Power (Korlach 2)


    Get task in Stoneroot Falls, then move on to the Korlach lair which is an entrance from Stoneroot Falls. Inside watch to not go to far from entrance (roamer there). Start clearing north and use the charm item on the young witheran (get charm item on getting task). Once the guy is charmed some adds pop immediately which all can be mezzed. Also 4 protectors pop (2 in north, 2 kinda south) which have to be killed. Zone out (south works) and hand in. Pet does not need to follow outside, is okey if protectors die and then someone zones out.


    Does Zone Repop? only when charming does repop happen (4 protectors + a few more)
    Where is chest? Pops at Entrance after 4 protectors dead
    Can switch someone in at end? easily, is a turnin