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  • Blocker Handin Guide
  • Spellmission 68
  • Spellmission 69
  •   69.1: The Lost Notebook
      69.3: The Search for Clues
      +50 to disease resist clicky for 1-4
  • Spellmission 70
  •   70.2: Praetorian Guard
      70.5: Into the Shadows
      +50 to poison resist clicky for 1-5
  • Widdlethorp Gemfinder Series (Korlach)
  •   WG1: Search for Coral
      WG2: Learning the Power
      WG3: Discover the Secret
      WG4: Taking Control
      +50 to magic resist clicky for 1-4
  • Finding Fibblebrap (Bellfast)
  •   Finding Fibblebrap 1: The Mines
      Finding Fibblebrap 2: Lost Caverns
      Finding Fibblebrap 3: The Hive
      Finding Fibblebrap 4: The Korlach
      +50 to fire resist clicky for 1-4
  • Dreadspire Access
  • Shadowwalker Dustspirit Series

    +50 to cold resist clicky for 1-5

  • DSK: Memories Lost
  • Deserting the Ranks
  • Last of the Legion

    WG4: Taking Control (Korlach 4)


    Get mission and zone into Korlachs Lair. Fight your way up all to the north where Chancellor Prellius awaits you. Before you engage him (he aggroes) hail the Vision of a Witheran Beast that updates step2. It is unknown yet if you can win the mission if you kill the named and can hail the vision after....

    Anyway the named is a pain in the xxx as he hits for up to 3k in melee (no ae's) and Complete Heals himself 5 times. If you wipe or exodus in the fight, he didn't recast his previous CHs so can go back and and back and back... whatever ;-)

    So a normal Korlach with a pretty badass named at the end.


    Does Zone Repop? no
    Where spawns chest? endnamed has loot or chest near endnamed
    Can switch someone in at end? easily, need to hail at end